cainabelDeath came because of killing. As far as we know, Cain was the first murderer, but the Bible does not dwell too much on the subject of the people Cain joined in the land of Nod. The point is that the conquered people also conquered other peoples, for by then warmongering was in their blood. Their DNA is also in us. If we deal with the truth of the matter, then we might change our DNA. A little of the Neanderthal, CroMagnon, and Cain reside in all of us, but, we can change that.

We know that thoughts travel, and any creative thought must be infused with an emotion. There are the wrathful, hateful, and deadly emotions and the altruistic, benevolent, and loving emotions.

These two types move in our bodies through the nervous system. Nerves are like electrodes that carry neutrons and electrons; they pass through our wrinkled brains and throughout our bodies—blood, bones, skin, soul, mind, and spirit. We feel because of nerves. We feel the quality of a tender touch because of nerves. Therapeutic massage affects the nerves in our muscle tissues. The heart muscle beats because of the delicate nerve endings, which send electric impulses. Our entire nervous system reaches every single organ of our body. It is not hard to imagine that our soul, propelled by the spirit of life, either responds first to the nerves, or rather to the spirit of life, which infuses the nervous system with life. It is all up to us. If you believe first in matter, and then in the spirit of life then you know what is prime and what’s secondary. But, of your belief in the Spirit of Life is first then you are becoming a ruler over the natural. This thinking priority vivifies your body and mind. In time the supernatural takes over the natural.

Negative dispositions establish themselves. Just as there are genetic weaknesses and hereditary proneness to illness, these are our character and temperament traits found in each family tree.

In Nehemiah 9, the Jewish exiles confessed their own sins as well as their fathers’. They even separated themselves from the foreign genetic pool, for they did not know yet then that repeated returns to the Lord; and by bonding with Him; and His ways; actually changes our DNA. Something happens when we persistently attach ourselves to our Maker. The nervous system picks up the signals, creates new creases in our brain, and changes our way of thinking and our overall dispositions. The nerves pick up that inner joy of the gift of peace. Nerves distribute those precious properties throughout our system. Have you ever felt shivers racing up and down your spine? That’s the work of the nervous system. Sooner or later, one must be transformed by this living spiritual power affecting our bodies.

If no inspirational books have ever been written, and no new knowledge have ever come our way, then we would remain in a stagnated state. All inspirations come from God, but it is our interpretation of those lofty spiritual elements that determine the outcome. The unwillingness to receive something new and inspiring is wicked. Keeping one’s mind closed to anything inspiring is an act of rebellion and self-righteousness.

[Matthew 11:6–7] But, to what shall I compare this generation? It is like children sitting in the market places, who call out to the other children, and say, “We played the flute for you, and you did not dance; we sang a dirge, and you did not mourn.”

When we are set in our ways, we demonstrate that we do not need anything new. When one cleaves to God, to spiritual things finding pleasure in them, one longs for more and more of the uplifting knowledge, which pushes out the old knowledge. By discarding the old, one gets ready for the new. One finds the new wineskin better, and the new wine spiritually intoxicating. A person will be transformed as the nervous system is positively ‘bombarded’ with this new glorious information. It begins distributing spiritual properties and thus establishes new positive bastions of strength.

dnaAfter the nervous system has done its job, then the DNA data strands also acquire new information. That information is stored not only for future generations, but also for you. You can see yourself in your children, while your children do not see that old mom and dad anymore.

In the book of Ezekiel, we read something very interesting: “Then the word of the Lord came to me, saying, ‘What do you mean by using this proverb concerning the land of Israel, saying, “the fathers eat the sour grapes, but the children’s teeth are set on edge…’” (Ezekiel 18:1–2). Although the chapter deals with inherited predispositions, it reveals that the individual choice overwrites, and rewrites anything that was done previously, either by the parent, or the individual. A man can live his entire life righteously, but if he gives up his righteousness; he dies as a fool. If he lived a wicked life, but then repents; he will end up being righteous. A son is not punished for his father’s sins or the father for his son’s sins.

And although they may carry the war genes, as all of us do, they can change them through right choices.

[Ezekiel 18:10–13] Then he may have a violent son who sheds blood and who does any of these things to a brother (though he himself did not do any of these things) … He will surely be put to death; his blood will be on his own head.

How important is teaching. Job did not teach his children but only covered their possible sins with his sacrifices. God spoke to Job, giving him a powerful tutoring. Job repented and cringed in shame. Job became a peacemaker, and prayed for his accusers; in his peacemaking, he was completely restored to health and lived to be 140 (Job 42:10, 16). He received wealth many times over what he previously had, and he saw his children’s children to the fourth generation. This time Job educated his family, as every father should. That’s the reason why Job lived so long, because God can visit the sins of the fathers upon his children only as far as the third and fourth generations (Exodus 20:5). Job erased all curses, and he threw ritual religiousness out the window. There was no more sacrificing to cover the sins of his previous children as it is mentioned in Job 1:5. God never wanted any religion; that has been man’s choice. God is obliging us for a time until we outgrow it all.

[Ezekiel 33:31] They come to you as people come, and sit before you as My people and hear your words, but they do not do them, for they do the lustful desires expressed by their mouth, and their heart goes after their gain.

Is it really so hard to do what God is asking us to do? Is peacemaking such an impossible thing to do? An inspiring book or a liberating sermon may come your way, and either you will take it as some-thing showy, good preaching or teaching, great performance; or you will ‘sink your teeth’ into the content and be changed by it.

[Ezekiel 33:32–33] Behold, you are to them like a sensual song by one who has a beautiful voice and plays well on an instrument; for they hear your words but they do not practice them. So when it comes to pass—as surely it will—then they will know that a prophet has been in their midst.

After Enoch lived three hundred-fifty years he produced an offspring (Genesis 5:21–24), and then he walked with God for three hundred years. After he fathered Methuselah, and other sons and daughters, Enoch kept walking with God, as if to say, he had fulfilled his natural mission of procreation first. His children matured and had their own families while their father walked with God. They did not see him anymore. There was no burial expense or ceremony. The old dad was just not there. Imagine.

civilizationToday we know that there have been civilizations that date back tens of thousands of years. People subjugated other peoples. One civilization rose upon another. All were involved in warfare, from the hunters of animals to the stalkers of humans. As I have already stated, since Adam also became like all the other people, that means that originally, he was eternal. Adam’s descendants were allowed to live only 120 years, which speaks louder than any tedious logical deduction. To put it simply, Adam was meant to be an attached-to-God individual, drawing sustenance from the well of the supernatural peace. If Enoch did not die in the seventh generation, then it was God’s plan for us all.

The number seven is crucial when watching God’s dealings with us. But, if the seventh generation were somehow magical, then all those people before and after Enoch could have been like him. All of them could have walked with God as Enoch have had, including his own children. Methuselah was 939 years old when he died. He was probably the only individual who lived the longest, but his longevity had to do with the grace God showered on his father. Enoch passed down his righteous peacemaking legacy, but their choices were not strong enough. Enoch’s genes resided in his children and ‘rang their bells’ up to heaven, but they rang no more when his children died. The same DNA, tremendous grace, peace genes… yet the choices were not strong enough to ‘pull that trick’ their father did.

1. Once a limit is imposed, then the prior truth was that there was no limit.

2. That Adam also became flesh says that he was not just flesh-and-blood like all the rest.

3. If war-makers carry the death curse, then the peacemakers are blessed, for they carry the blessing of perpetual life.

4. If the earth longs for our manifestation, for the earth actually responds to man’s violence with violence, then the creation has the record of all violence.

Take the Letter to the Romans 8:13 at its face value.

If you are living according to the flesh, you must die; but if by the Spirit you are putting to death the deeds of the body, you will live.

Now, a warlike person will fight against his or her own flesh, but still will fight. “Putting to death the deeds of the body” through mortification or self-flagellation, as some did during the Dark Ages, is not what the apostle means here. Anyone doing so only sins against his or her body, and that sort of piety would never please God.

The teachings that our bodies are our enemies came from celibate priests and monks. Our bodies are God’s temples. Once you understand your body and its natural needs, you will be at peace. Paul is not speaking about mortifying your body, but rather about infusing it with peace, which is shown in the next verses.

[Romans 8:14–15] For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God. For you have not received a spirit of slavery leading to fear again, but you have received a spirit of adoption as sons by which we cry out, ‘Abba! Father!’

5. Peace that transcends all understanding is not a normal peace, the peace after a war, or a state of being quiet, but rather something supernatural and beyond our grasp.

6. Hospitals are filled with wounded and dying people. There is war outside and war inside. The war outside comes from strife (gang battles). The war inside attacks the organs and causes cancer, unrest, and a body that actually attacks itself from which come heart attacks. The immune system is weakened and its defenses are warn out by the inner strife. It seems as if the body wants to succumb to illness and die just to find rest from it all. Many people, being so tired wish to expire and their wish is granted. They give in to the inevitable for the religious authorities and philosophers in this life told them so. From child-hood we’ve fed this nonsense to our children that death is inevitable and there is no remedy for it. As a child I heard it too much as to how easy it is too take a life. No wonder, a belief in true immortality is too hard to come by. Yet, there is a remedy, but not in cosmetics, drugs or science, which only examine the physical, but in our Creator, whom religion had hijacked and put in some dogmatic box. We dogmatize and indoctrinate ourselves, yet for no reason at all. We try to fit into some imbecilic and “well established” dogma, as if this is the Tree of Life.

humancombustionHave you heard of the spontaneous human combustion? There have been two hundred reported cases over the last three hundred years.  What about the unreported cases? A living body going up in flames without any apparent external source of ignition is indeed a very strange phenomenon. But, this extreme example shows that the inner peace must be taken seriously. The past lives’ demonic energies are so loaded with unrest, war, destruction and bloodshed that eventually these entities manifest themselves in such an involuntary combustion.

Our chemical acidity increases not only because of the foods we consume, but also because of the strife we have inherited from our family gene pool and outward projections of that warlike inner state.

Peacemakers live and keep on living.

[Matthew 26:52–53] All those who take up the sword shall perish by the sword. Or do you think that I cannot appeal to My Father, and He will at once put at My disposal more than twelve legions of angels?

Here, again, the Chief Peacemaker Jesus teaches us to leave it be. Although He had the heavenly armies at His disposal He chose not to call upon them. Instead, He paid the price of the ultimate peace offering first. The heavenly armies are not meant to fight heavenly wars, but those below on earth. How? – By confusing the enemy of peace down below so that the warlike types might turn on each other. They like to go to war, and they perish from what they like to practice.

If there are too many of those war genes in us, one day we will surely explode. A destructive behavior of the inner organs is not normal, for it looks as if they want to die. But in fact, they are crying for help. They need peace and not stress, worry, insecurity, godlessness, and lack of peace. Death provides that longed for final relief. Just think about it.

7. Finally, peace heals, while war divides. Peace brings healing; unrest brings sickness.

[Isaiah 26:3 NASB] The steadfast of mind You will keep in perfect peace because he trusts in You. [KJV] Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.

The perfect peace is God’s peace. Perfect love is God’s love, and this kind of love banishes all fear, worry, unrest, and insecurity from its presence. That is exactly what Jesus was teaching us by telling us to not worry about tomorrow (Matthew 6:30–34) or what we will eat or how we will clothe ourselves. Today, He addresses those words to the peacemakers. The peacemaker must get the message and eat it like bread until it sustains his being with new strength.

The word for “steadfast” or “stayed” (Hebrew, samak) means to lean on or to rest in, as in being supported and sustained. In other words, one actually draws out not war but peace from God’s sustenance, which Paul touched on.

[Philippians 4:6–7] Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

We are so pragmatic that the peace message has a hard time sinking in. There is a place where people are never anxious about anything. It may sound strange, but right there resides the seed of immortality, for one resides in the perfect peace and the perfect love, which surpasses all comprehension and casts out all fear. Our minds cannot interpret this wonderful peace because it is way over our head. We even stop speaking about it, for it is a state of being. One actually becomes, and then enters the supernatural realm of peace.

Please pause here, and meditate on these words for a while. Say something to the Lord, and feel the surge of that wondrous flow of His love toward you.

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