shackledYou recognize this bondage when you are challenged to climb that beautiful free hill at which point the religious folks, especially those most dear to you; start hindering you. Fear is usually the culprit. For no reason they would rather remain on the beaten path of yesterday. The convenience of theological structures also binds. Even though you know that the truth frees, yet…

All are proud of having a vision. A vision of freedom is like a beautiful sunny mountain peak; free air and endless views without any restrictions; and yet they remain in the shadows of their valleys.  They even explain their bondage with reasons they themselves do not understand. Bondage is weak and weakens the weak even more. Freedom makes you bold like a lion. But the bound up flees when no one is pursuing.


“Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself” – Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Different forms of fear occur only when something old is about to give way to something new; like old theories that must give way to something insightful and more intelligent. Like a web-weaving spider fear creeps up on anyone introduced to the new, that fear—when permitted—will paralyze all natural senses of cognizance. Then we ask intelligently, ‘why would you let yourself slide back into your lazy boy chair?’  What is so special about laziness, fear and mediocrity?

We want to buy quality and quantity but cheaper even for nothing. When we transfer that mentality to priceless things like freedom, higher education, mental, physical and spiritual health we turn back to Neanderthals.  We confuse the natural laws of creation; you do not get something for nothing. You only get nothing for nothing. You get air for nothing, but can you sell air? Yes you can. You can harness air and fill a tank. The air is free, but the tank has a price; plus the labor and time spent on making it available to you. So it is with God’s creation. The things to which you pay no attention are presented to you with materials, labor and time costs. If you refuse because it costs too much, you refuse education and higher IQ.

It is inevitable. Old beliefs will have to give way to new beliefs, but what’s a belief? The answer lies in examination of our language. By saying ‘I believe’ you express supposition as well as acceptance of something being true or false. You believe that someone tells the truth or you believe that someone lies, it all depends on your thought processes as well as that hunch we call intuition. No one is being asked to fully believe someone or something purely on impressionable basis.

jesus_face_smJesus was impressing people tilting scales in either direction. But He also said that no one could come to Him unless the Father draws him or her. He also said that to some it is given to know and yet to others it is not. Some understand others do not, some accept while others waver.

The more information you receive and are willing to examine so much more faith you receive, until the time when faith stops playing any role for the actual solid and intelligent knowledge has replaced it. This knowledge eventually turns into facts, which makes one wise. If that is not the case then the wise is a fool because the knowledge was false and the given information was filled with seeds of folly. Only a fool believes something foolish because fools go for the cheap, quick and easy. Fools are not interested in education, especially when they have to pay a price for it; however small. When it comes to investing, fools have a hard time parting with money. Vision eludes them, but why, because they see a hard road ahead of them and the price seems overinflated.

Most would like to be free but the price is too steep. Most would like to stand on that sunny mountain peak, breathe that crisp air, and see the ends of the earth, but for free. Some would rather have costly operations, be cut up with scalpels with many blood transfusions than accept a simple healing procedure. One such example is gallbladder stones, which can be easily eliminated with Epsom Salt (magnesium sulfate), olive oil and grapefruit. This knowledge has to be believed, but faith without works is dead; therefore one must do it and not only believe.

In the House of Commons there are arguments that sway some one way; and then there may be stronger arguments that take that initial sway away. New and better arguments might even erase any previously accepted beliefs. This belief business is really shaky and quite changeable. It is like the sail. When wind dies down your sailboat rests.

Something old will have to give way to something new, but if there is not the will to change then the gradual decay leading to death will have its way.


DNAScience has isolated the immortality gene. We have death genes and immortal genes. According to * University of London’s study of genes it’s been concluded that genes do remember. Actually we bombrad our DNA with messages, good and bad, thoughts and emotions, words and ideas; all influence our genetic makeup. And, even now as you read this blog.

* [University College London (UCL) published its findings in 2006 in the European Journal of Human Genetics; see Emma Whitelaw, “Epigenetics: Sins of the fathers, and their fathers,” European Journal of Human Genetics, February 1, 2006; 

We carry war genes as well as peace genes. The nature of war is explosive, while the nature of peace is healing, soothing, restoring and never exploding.

Have you heard of the spontaneous human combustion? There have been two hundred reported cases over the last three hundred years. What about the unreported cases? A living body going up in flames without any apparent external source of ignition is indeed a very strange phenomenon. But, this extreme example shows that the inner peace must be taken seriously.

The past lives’ demonic energies are so loaded with unrest, war, destruction and bloodshed; that eventually these entities manifest themselves in those involuntary combustions.

Our chemical acidity increases not only because of the foods we consume, but also because of the strife we have inherited from our family gene pool; and outward projections of that warlike inner state.

Peacemakers live and keep on living.

A book Excerpt

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Numerous excavations in the Middle East keep on confirming the accuracy of the biblical record, and it is our task to arrive at logical conclusions. We do not diminish our faith in God, but rather augment it for then our faith is “smart” and no longer blind. Adam was only called to replenish (Genesis 1:28) the earth, naturally speaking, with his type. Instead of studying this record we bemoan the fall of Adam and Eve as if that fall was final and irreparable. Adam and Eve did not fall, but only transgressed the first and the ever given commandment. The faculty of contrast was a later addition. The contrast of “yes” and “no” came after they had learned the con-sequences, which was also temporary. God’s creation continues. Formation and reformation also continues through education.

The peace ways educate us in the divine. The war ways only educate us in the history of this world. Now, the choice is yours, as to which education will you avail yourself with? Adam and Eve were very much spiritual beings, as much as they were physical, but the physical part of their development had to be taught for it is so to this day. Right education can turn you into a moral person and morality has to do with our behavior toward one another.

Education is only a vehicle that brings us to our destination at which point we not only learn more, but also brings functionality. A university graduate uses his or her education for practical applications on the job. Their knowledge qualifies them to do something others are not qualified to do. Education also includes mistakes and their corrections, until the prefect is attained. Would God mind the fall of His children and not correct them? Would He not give them the proper education—and guide them into the fullness of righteousness, and the knowledge of Himself, and the laws that govern His kingdom—without the provision of repentance, and therefore also correction? – Of course not. The compassionate loving God is still in the business of educating us, but does this education of His infuse us with knowledge of His laws, His ways, and the “Spiritual Physics” that govern His realm? Or, perhaps we chose only a one-sided education of just the natural? We learn physics, biology, history, geography and economics, etc, but God seems to be stuck in a picture frame called religion. ‘Don’t you touch it lest He should jump out of the frame and directly affect your life?’ But, if that happens to anyone then we either don’t believe it or adopt a dumbfounded look, or out-right call it false, for after all, the miraculous does not fit in that narrow box of ours.

When Adam had “ALSO” become flesh; his endlessness of days was limited to just 120. (Genesis 6:3) The incredible violence and constant aggressive behavior could not continue indefinitely. I am after another hunt. I hunt for true immortality.

That immortal gene also resides in us. The light this gene carries must be paid attention to. “Doctors are using genes to help people with blindness, clogged arteries and other issues. After years of complex research there are signs that gene therapy can fix what doctors once thought were untreatable diseases. A man once blind can now see… and a woman who had trouble walking… is now on her feet and working out with an intensity she never imagined.” My point is this: these are just scraps of information we glean from research, for we know that genes carry healing, and as well as deadly properties; and they do remember. Repentance deals with a complete return to the Creator, and His original design, and I believe that it is solely our responsibility; hence, it comes down to our resolve and determination. As a solution to man’s sick appetite for killing; death became the solution. Death is the final and forced-upon permanent peace. Earth could not endure the violent and perverse ways of its custodians. The rulers of this planet became its subjects. Ever since then, man carries wrath and malice in his bones, and even now tries to avoid a direct confrontation with this issue. The earth keeps opening its mouth swallowing all the sinners, and transgressors, into its dark corridors.

Later on in religion, man started to mystify death, and then blamed it all on Adam’s transgression. In atheism, man became just another mammal. God is viewed as some sick sadist who enjoys frying people in hell for eternity just because they have supposedly rejected some religious frame. To this day we view God through our skewed eyesight. Being unwilling to come out from our skin and then see us from His point of view, but that would be already too much to ask. That’s how much we are attached to our ‘skin’… until one day we must altogether part with it. But, it was never God’s plan.

We love our free will and we dread it; as a result we mismanage it. Either we accept the fact that we are endowed with the independent free will, when it comes to peacemaking, which is the work of righteousness (Isaiah 32:17), or we reject it. Even when God called Jonah to Nineveh, Jonah had the free will to not go and that’s what he did. Even when the fish spewed him out, Jonah could have gone his own way. But, God would have to replace Jonah with someone else. But watch this, after Jonah completed his mission, his free will was there to guide him wherever he wished to go. God did not interfere with Jonah’s will. Gideon did God’s bidding, but after he finished the job Gideon returned to idolatry.